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AGL management has over 10 years of hands-on experience in managing multinational infrastructure projects in Israel. AGL takes part in your project prior to the contract signing phase, and guides you through the whole operation. A team of specialists will assess your needs and help you determine the company type to be established in Israel, and provide required local representation for your company. 

Detailed feasibility studies are prepared individually for each project - With AGL’s experienced team your project avoids complications, gains increased efficiency and is ensured to have a smooth running of operations.


We will be available to you twenty-four hours a day, while providing personal attention and technical expertise that will ultimately translate into success for your business.

Full services

  • Office/ Branch Office Registration

  • A Company Address – In order to help save money and resources, AGL Management provides a company address in lieu of a physical location

  • Customs Authority – AGL Management will handle opening a file at the Israeli Customs Authority for importing/exporting any type of goods including spare parts and machinery

  • Customs Brokerage

  • Opening a Bank Account

  • Establishing a Tax Number and a Tax Authority File

  • Accounting Services

  • Preparation of Transfer Pricing Reports

  • Work Permits for All Foreign Employees

  • All Insurance Needs Including Mandatory Health Insurance and Liability Insurance

  • Accommodation for All Employees, Managers, and Engineers

  • Arrangement of Both Local and International Travel Needs

  • Crane and Forklift Rental

  • Inland Trucking

  • Safety training & license conversions


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